About The Farm

Windflower Farm is a small family farm located in Taconic Hill country, between the Hudson River and the Vermont border.  Ted and Jan Blomgren have been growing organic vegetables and cut flowers for shareholders in New York City for over ten years.

Ted brings to Windflower Farm his training in horticulture and experience as an educator. Formerly an adviser to Cornell Corporation Extension, he’s now a full-time farmer.

Jan brings to the farm experience as an illustrator and training in botany. As the lucky recipients of the flower shares can attest, Jan is a superior floral designer. Ted and Jan are joined by a fantastic farm crew that make your weekly shares possible.


“Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a collaboration between farmers and the people who eat the food they grow. As Wendell Berry puts it, ‘Eating is an agricultural act.’ CSA is a means by which people may establish a stronger relationship with the sources of their food.

As farmers, we make a commitment to you to be good stewards of the land we grow your food on and to grow a wide variety of high-quality vegetables in suitable quantities for you and the people with whom you share your table. And you, the folks who eat our food, make a commitment to us and the ecological practices we use by purchasing a share in our harvest, by sharing in some of the risks (and potential bounty) associated with growing crops in the Northeast, and by paying in advance of the season for your produce.

We believe that the principles of sustainable agriculture apply to every kind of farming, from the growing of the fresh vegetables and fruits that make their way to your dinner plates, to the production of the fresh-cut flowers that adorn your tables. As organic growers, we use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers of any kind. To enrich our soils, we use cover crops, crop rotations, and compost. We are committed to careful land stewardship, ecological pest management, and a healthy environment for the people who work with us. In this way, we hope to leave our farm in good condition for future generations.”

Annual Farm Visit


Every August, Windflower Farm hosts its CSA members for a weekend of camping, fun and food. We get a tour of the farm and participate in lots of fun and family-friendly activities.

Camping on the farm is encouraged - all kinds of sites are available within an easy walk of the barns, running water, toilets and electricity. Kids and leashed pets are welcome.  Please bring a dish to pass for the Saturday evening potluck.  

Stay tuned for more details!